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Design Happier Careers!

Focus on 60% of your wake-up time
To make 100% difference to your life!

Designing Happier Careers
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Take charge of designing a happier & engaging career!

2+ Hours
video content
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Facilitated by

Dr raj

HR Advisor, Leadership Coach, Ex ISB Advisor, Facilitator

Facilitated more than 30,000+ people | 30+ years of experience in teaching, corporate, and entrepreneurship.

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Who will benefit from this course?

  • Ideal for those young professionals who have a long-way to go in their careers;

  • Helpful to those who are at the mid-stage of their career to search for fulfillment;

  • Very beneficial for parents who wish to guide, not push their children into making right-career choices

What this course will uncover?


Impact of career choices on life and frequently committed mistakes


Career CODE
A design framework

Discovering the

career clarity


Empowering self for a planned career

Course Detailed Content

It is not just a job; it is not just livelihood; career offers much more value and career has a deeper impact on our life. We will discuss several case studies to understand various career mistakes to prevent them.

Impact and frequently committed mistakes


A practical framework which was found extremely useful by 1300 professionals will be introduced. It is simple; practical and methodical.

Career CODE- A design framework


Discovering Career Clarity

If we don't know what we want, we will be attracted towards everything and may end up with nothing. Through a series of introspective questions, you will be able to articulate what your career motivators are & what keeps you going. Certainly, it is more than money!


Empowering self for planned career

Building on the career clarity, it is important that you work out an action plan to take charge and drive the career in the desired direction. It is you who needs to be in charge to design & execute a happier career!



What will you get by signing for this course?

About Dr raj


"Over three decades of my work life offered me many opportunities to learn and experience various facets of life. Whether it is my academic career as a professor, corporate career as an HR leader or consulting career as an advisor & leadership coach... I saw each one of those roles as an opportunity to help people realize their potential. 

In this pursuit, I kept learning continuously so as to stay relevant and offer my support in the best way that I can. Every time I look back at my journey so far, strings of gratitude play a beautiful tune in my heart. What others have done to my growth as a person, I feel like passing on the same to many more."

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What participants say about Dr raj

"Yesterday was my first interaction with you; it impacted me to already try new ways"


Fantastic session, I have never attended before. Definitely helpful for my future.