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Why do we create resolutions as we begin the new year?

Each one of us have our wish list - a things-to-do list. One day we wish to take up those tasks or habits or projects or hobbies. Due to our own procrastination, that ‘one day’ never comes. We then need to create a momentum to restart and that is when the new year comes into the context. We need some occasion to press the trigger and release fresh energy.

A new year is a symbolic push for new beginnings. Of course, there are many people who question this tokenism and argue that new beginnings can be made anytime and not necessarily wait for the new year. Perfect. If one has the internal drive, any day is a good day to start something new. In case, you lack such drive, then we need some symbolic moment like the new year. But why is there some skepticism or cynicism about such symbolic resolutions?

New beginning with new year is a great start. The problem is what happens next. The hype around the new year resolutions fade away and we fail to sustain the momentum; that is where it ends up as tokenism. How to sustain your drive and continue to work on your resolutions beyond the new year party?

1.You need to take up something that really matters to you.

2.Do not take up some thing because it is fashionable

3.Start small and gradually increase the magnitude

4.Make yourself self accountable or have a good buddy who can nudge you

5.Measure the progress; that will motivate you.

6.Track the benefits which will help you sustain

7.Remember, you need not splash too much money to work on your resolutions

Finally, take up one thing at a time and see the results! Personal transformation is all about powerful improvement on a sustained basis!

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